About Smc International

SMC international is an organization that believes in the true potential of the Indian community. Knowing that India is the biggest importer of digital talent, SMC international is ready to take the initiative to make sure that we can nurture and cultivate that talent to its optimum potential.

With a synchronized team and a rapidly growing Indian market, SMC international is growing daily. With a leadership team which is motivated and committed and an execution team that has the conviction to get work done, SMC international has a brighter future to look forward to.

Our team

The industry of high performance computing, be it Gaming, Designing or Editing. They all have one thing in common. It all requires passion and motivation. With a majority of our team consisting of gamers and nerds who generally just love stating at a powerful PC, lack of passion for our work seems to be extremely unlikely. With no shortage of motivation and an ample amount of dexterity in leadership and business ethics, we can safely say that we are ready to face any challenge head on.

Our Mission

Our passion for high performance computing and our sheer will to share our passion pushes us forward. With a shared ideology and concentric goals, our team at SMC international has a clear line of action ahead.

To provide the promise of quality, fulfil the delivery of performance and exceed all standards of satisfaction.

Our partners, the giants in the industry of high performance computing have understood our mission and share our vision for a better tomorrow. They, along with us understand the great potential of the Indian market and that is why they are willing to match our efforts.

We at SMC international and our partner brands are ready and willing to provide the best tools in the new world. It is now up to you to pick them up and let your imagination run wild.

Our Story

SMC international had its humbled beginnings with a few contacts and a thin supply chain. With persistence and determination; over the last 15 years, SMC international is now a multimillion dollar company and has the trust of multiple resellers and customers across India.

SMC international provides high performance computing solutions with giants of the industry such as Intel, AMD, Dell, CoolerMaster, SteelSeries, MSI and Razer. With these brands, SMC international has become a one stop shop to satisfy all your computing needs.

Our Services

Along with our well-earned reputation for being providers of the best computer components, we also provide the warranty for all the products that we sell. We never compromise the quality of our products and hence we take responsibility for the warranty for the products that we provide.

With practicality in mind, we at SMC international provides the best components that would fit every budget and fulfill every requirement.

Our Presence

The Nehru Place store holds a high end ASUS Store and an MSI Store that hosts the leading end of Gaming Laptops and Core Components for high performance computing. With its promise of performance, SMC international has gained great trust in the industry of reselling and delivering technology based products. Not just catering to individual clients but also to catering to major corporate clients.

We also provide a direct line for warranty & support for all of our partner brands, giving you a one stop shop for all your purchase and post-sale services.

Our presence not just limited to on ground retail in Delhi and NCR; to cater to our faithful patrons nationwide, we have successfully set up our own online selling portal. We are also catering to all major online retail platforms such as Flipkart, Paytm, Snapdeal and Amazon.