The Revamp: SMC International Announces New Pre-Built PCs.

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SMC International has recently announced & revamped some of their Pre-Built PCs recently, The New Pre-Built PCs from SMC International now feature 5 Series: Hades Series, Ares Series, Freya Series, Aphelios Series & FLUID Series.

We Have Revamped out Pre-Built PCs to provide more ease-of-use to our customers and a better and a more hassle-free user experience, Which will enable our consumers to find what they are looking for more easily and effectively.” Said a SMC Spokesperson.

This time around, The Hades, Ares & Freya Series Pre-Built PCs are categorized by the Processors, AMD & Intel.

Our users can now filter out the builds they want by just selecting their Processor Platform.

Below is the new Pre-Built PC Classification:

Hades Series: Budget – Mid Range PCs

“We created the Hades Series Pre-Built PCs for the consumers who want to Game on a Budget & don’t want to go through the hassle of Picking each & every part of their PC by themselves”

The Hades Series Pre-Built PCs are aimed at the consumers who want the best of both worlds, The Customers who want Performance but don’t want their PCs to look dull, The Hades Series Pre-Built PCs are now starting from Rs. 27,700/- and features AMD’s Latest 2nd Generation of APUs featuring the Vega Integrated Graphics.

Ares Series: Mid-Range – High-End PCs

“The Ares series was created with the ideal No-Compromises system in mind. The PCs which have just the right balance of the RGB-Bling and the Performance Gamers crave so much”

The Ares series Pre-Built PCs are made for the average gamer, The Gamer who just wants the Max FPS in the game they play, They like RGB but they don’t want it everywhere, The Ares Series Pre-Built PCs feature the best of both the worlds.

Freya Series: Small Form Factor PCs

“Moving around with a Full-Tower PC, Weighing over 20 Kilos can be a super daunting task, especially when you are a frequent mover, If you visit LAN Parties often, You know what we’re talking about”

The Freya series Pre-Built PCs are the smaller counterparts to their bigger cousins, But don’t take the little one’s lightly, These Builds pack a serious punch, As they feature the best-in-class AMD 5000 Series Processors & GeForce RTX 3000 Series GPUs coupled with the best-in-class cases from a world-renowned brand like NZXT & Deepcool.

Aphelios Series: One-Stop Streaming Solutions

“The Aphelios Series Pre-Built PCs are made with New & Aspiring streamers in mind, The Streamers who don’t want to think too much about which Microphone are they driving or which Webcam are they using, Or is their stream lagging or not, We take out all the guesswork for them with our Aphelios Series Pre-Built PCs so that they can get back to their streaming”

The Aphelios Series is aimed at the people who just want to get streaming, And don’t want to waste time, The Aphelios Series PCs come Pre-Fitted with the Latest Elgato Capture Cards & Coupled with Razer’s Mice, Keyboards, Headsets, Microphones & Webcams, You can be sure that your stream will be looking it’s best.

FLUID Series: Custom Water-Cooled PCs

“We Created the FLUID Series for the consumer who wants the most Balls-To-The-Wall Liquid Cooled PC, But they don’t want to take the hassle of bending the pipes and connecting the fittings”

The FLUID Series features the best-of-the-best Liquid Cooled PCs, Featuring kits from world-renowned Liquid Cooling brands like Bykski & EKWB.



Project Manager (SMC International)

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