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The Lian Li Lancool III RGB Tempered Glass Case Black features tempered glass side panels, a fine mesh front panel for ample airflow, bottom dust filters, supports m-ITX, m-ATX, ATX and e-ATX motherboards, 4 x pre-installed 140mm PWM fans (3 x 140mm ARGB PWM fans at the front, 1 x 140mm PWM fan at the rear), radiator support at the front (up to 360mm), top (up to 420mm), and above the PSU chamber (up to 360mm) and supports a graphics card of up to 435mm in length.

Lancool III

The Lian Li Lancool III is a premium mid-tower chassis that offers better thermal performance than the Lancool II by including 4 pre-installed 140mm PWM fans, and a fine mesh panel designed to ensure ample airflow is delivered to the high-end components while the system runs at peak performance.

Available in two colours, two models

The Lancool III in black features a premium hairline brushed aluminium element that looks as good as it feels, while the Lancool III in white features a minimalist white powder coating. The tempered glass windows allow you to show off the internal components.

Lancool III
Comes equipped with 4 x 140mm high airflow PWM fans that provide strong out-of-box cooling performance.

Lancool III RGB
Comes equipped with 3 x 140mm ARGB PWM fans at the front, and 1 x 140mm PWM fan at the rear.

Offering 7 colours and 8 lighting modes (the 8th mode is MB sync), the included ARGB controller can be operated via the front I/O C and M buttons and can extend its control for 3 additional ARGB devices.

Extreme airflow craftsmanship

A fine mesh design has been implemented at the front, top, and both bottom side panels of the Lancool III.

Top and 2x bottom side panels
The two bottom side panels provide sufficient airflow to efficiently cool the GPU when fans are installed above the PSU shroud.

Front panel
The 51% porosity offers an ample direct fresh air intake.

Hinged panels all around

The hinged tempered glass side panels offer an unobstructed view of the interior configuration, while the bottom shroud panels provide quick access to the PSU and storage drives.

The two removable 4mm tempered glass panels located on each side of the case can be opened by pulling the front aluminium handle.

The mesh panels located on both sides of the PSU shroud area can be removed for cleaning when the front panel is unattached.

Open the side tempered glass panel to remove the front panel.

Flexible configuration

With ample interior room, the Lancool III can offer different cooling and usage scenarios.

Air cooling
With high airflow stock fans, and air tower clearance of up to 185mm, the Lancool III is ideal for an air-cooling build.

AIO cooling
With an ample front intake, the Lancool III can provide strong performance for an AIO cooling build. The top fan bracket can support up to 3 x 120mm/140mm fans and offers enough thickness clearance for an AIO with a 420 radiator fan/combo.

Custom water cooling
With the ability to support 3 x 360mm radiators simultaneously, the Lancool III can offer custom water-cooling enthusiasts lots of imagination.

Spacious cooling support

The Lancool III is optimised for water-cooling and high-end thermal solutions. A maximum of 10 x 120mm fans or a large 420mm radiator can be mounted in the main chamber.

Multi-way front fan/radiator bracket
The mutli-way front fan bracket offers 4 different ways to mount a radiator or fans to cater to different cooling needs, and features a new latch/handle mechanism to easily secure it in place without the need of the locking thumbscrews.

The two thumbscrews (one in front, one on the left side) are applied for transportation security.

Closer to the motherboard for direct cooling

Closer to the front panel for thick radiators

Removable top fan bracket
The removable top fan bracket with offset fan mounting points allows for a thicker fan and radiator combo to be installed at the top of the Lancool III by providing enough clearance from the RAM.

Note: When mounting a 420mm radiator at the top please:

  1. Do not remove the top fan bracket
  2. Do not use screws other than size 6#32 long screw (provided in the box)
  3. Orient the radiator turbing side towards the rear of the chassis
  4. Remove the rear 140mm fan for radiator installation

Modular PSU shroud bracket - fan/pump/SSD
The adjustable modular PSU shroud bracket can accomodate 1 x 360mm radiator, 3 x 120mm fans, 3 x 2.5" SSDs, or a pump/reservoir combo.

  1. Back-and-forth adjustability to accommodate for different 360 radiator orientations.
  2. Included mounting points for 3 x 2.5" SSDs.
  3. Additional pump/reservoir combo mounting poits are provided.

Note: When mounting a radiator or fans, make sure the plates are removed for better cooling potential.

Side multi-purpose mounting slots
Mounting slots beside the motherboard are provided at 105mm apart (standard 120mm fan mounting points to allow the installation of the reservoir/pump bracket.

Extensive storage capacity

Multiple storage drive mounting locations are supported for up to 12 x 2.5" SSDs or 4 x 3.5" HDDs and 8 x 2.5" SSDs.

Adjustable drive cage
2 adjustable drive cages (each for 2 x 3.5" HDDs or 2 x 2.5" SSDs) can be individually removed or adjusted.

Toolless SSD tray
Two spring-loaded SSD trays located behind the motherboard tray allow for a toolless installation of the drives.

Side SSD tray
The side-mounted SSD trays located inside the right PSU shroud panel can support up to 3 x 2.5" SSDs or can be removed to improve airflow.

Comprehensive cable management

As the second chamber located on the right side is visible, great consideration has been given to cable management. The Lancool III features an upgraded solution to ensure neat cable routing with toolless magnetic cable cover doors, and a well-organised layout for hubs and cables.

Sliding cable routing cover
By slightly loosening the two back thumb screws, the cable cover can be adjusted to fit different sizes of motherboards.

Reversible front I/O

If chosen to be placed on a desk, the front I/O can be relocated to the bottom of the chassis.

Friendly PSU installation

The removable PSU mounting brackets allows for the PSU to be installed outside of the chassis, then can slide in through the rear.

Anti-sage bracket for perfectly horizontal GPU

A GPU anti-sag bracket is included for a seamless display of the hardware through the side tempered glass panels.

Note: Feature images are used for illustrative purposes only, please refer to title, specifications and product images for correct model upon purchase.

Product NameLian Li Lancool III RGB
Dimensions (D x W x H)526 x 238 x 523mm
MotherboardE-ATX (width: under 280mm)/ATX/m-ATX/m-ITX
PSU ClearanceATX (Under 220mm)
MaterialsAluminium (Door handles)
0.8mm SGCC (Exterior and interior)
4.0mm Tempered Glass (Both sides)
Included FansFront: 3 x 140mm ARGB PWM fans
300~1650 RPM / DC 12 V, 0.23A / 83.5 CFM / 2.3mm H2O / 33dBa

Rear: 1 x 140mm PWM fan
200 ~ 1800 RPM / DC 12V, 0.24A / 83.5 CFM / 2.3mm H2O / 33dBa
Fan SupportFront (Multi-way fan/radiator bracket): 3 x 120mm or 3 x 140mm
Top: 4 x 120mm or 3 x 140mm
Rear: 1 x 120mm or 140mm
Above PSU Chamber: 3 x 120mm
Radiator SupportFront: 360mm or 280mm
Top: 360mm or 420mm
Above PSU Chamber: 360mm
GPU Length Clearance435mm (Max)
CPU Height187mm (Max)
StorageBehind MB Tray: 2 x 2.5" SSD
Behind Right Side PSU Shroud Panel: 3 x 2.5" SSD
Hard Drive Cage: 4 x 3.5" HDD / 2.5" SSD
Above PSU Chamber: 3 x 2.5" SSD
Expansion Slot8
I/O Ports1 x Power Button 
1 x Reset Button 
1 x Lighting Colour Button (C)
1 x Lighting Mode Button (M)
2 x USB 3.0
1 x USB Type-C 
1 x Audio
Dust Filters1 x Bottom (Tray)
Warranty1 Year