Phanteks Glacier One 240MPH Halos D-RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler (White)

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Brand Phanteks
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  • High performance water cooling for Sockets LGA 115x, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066, 1200 and AM4, sTRX4*, TR4*(*Threadripper bracket included with CPU).
  • Pre-filled for plug-and-play installation reliable operation with reinforced braided tube sleeving, 100% pure copper cold plate and PWM controlled pump and fans.
  • Infinity mirror pump cap design with tempered glass window, integrated D-RGB LED lighting and 2x D-RGB Halos Fan Frames.
  • Dual 120mm MP PWM fans optimized for high static pressure and silent operation.
  • D-RGB lighting can be controlled and synchronized with Phanteks’ D-RGB lighting products and D-RGB equipped cases and motherboards.

The Phanteks Glacier One 240MPH Halos D-RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler is capable of cooling powerful CPUs while operating silently. It features 2 x 120mm silent MP PWM fans with optimized fan blades for silent and excellent cooling performance with D-RGB Halos fan frames equipped with 30 x LED chips, high performance 240mm radiator, gen7 pump from Asetek that ensures reliable operation and cooling performance, and an infinity mirror cap that magnetically mounts to the pump and is equipped with 14 D-RGB LED chips, high quality flexible braided tubing, and is compatible with Intel and AMD sockets.

Cool and quiet liquid cooling

The new Glacier One all-in-one liquid CPU coolers are capable of cooling powerful CPUs while operating silently. The included 120mm MP PWM fans offer high airflow, low noise, and excellent cooling performance with its pressure optimized fan blades. Installation is a breeze thanks to the pre-filled all-in-one solution, flexible braided tubing and Tube Clips that help routing the tubing and fan cables for a clean PC interior.

The Glacier One features a pump cap design with a tempered glass infinitiy mirror and integrated D-RGB lighting. Simply connect to a D-RGB equipped Phanteks chassis or motherboard to control, sync and expand your lighting setup.

Full cover infinity mirror cap

The Glacier One comes with an Infinity Mirror Cap that mounts magnetically to the pump module. It features a tempered glass window to show the infinity mirror effect and smooth D-RGB lighting effects with 14 D-RGB LED chips inside.

The low-profile full cover design covers all mounting parts to create a clean and integrated look with the motherboard.

The Infinity Mirror Cap can be directly connected to:

  • D-RGB equipped Phanteks chassis
  • Phanteks D-RGB Controller
  • D-RGB equipped motherboard with the included adapter

Updated silent MP PWM fans

With the release of the Glacier One models, the Phanteks MP fans also received an update to a newer version with higher maximum RPM (2000 - 2200 RPM).

The Phanteks 120mm MP PWM Fan is a premium cooling fan designed with radiators and heatsinks in mind.

  • Large blades offer high static pressure to overcome any resistance from a high density fin stack.
  • Aerodynamically optimized fan blades creates a perfect balance between performance and silence.
  • Easy installation with a Daisy-Chain cable design
  • Premium materials: glass fiber reinforced PBT plastic for the frame and blades.
  • Rubber dampeners and mesh fabric sleeved cables.
  • D-RGB Halos Fan Frames provide a smooth and diffused D-RGB, with 30 x LED chips.

Optimized performance

The Glacier One is optimized to offer a noise-performance ratio that is best in class. It is a true high performance CPU cooler with plenty of thermal cooling capacity. This extra thermal cooling capacity enables higher overclocking and stability and/or a quieter running system.

Cooled by Asetek

The Phanteks Glacier One is powered by the highly reliable gen7 pump from Asetek. With the technical expertise and many years of experience from Asetek, the gen7 pump ensures reliable operation and cooling performance for the Glacier One AIO coolers.

Maximum clearance

The Glacier One pump module and Infinity Mirror Cap are designed to offer maximum motherboard component clearance such as RAM and heatsinks. Its low profile design also gives maximum flexibility for height restricted (ITX) cases.

Socket clearance
The Infinity Mirror Cap stays clear of any objects on both Intel and AMD sockets while still having the full-cover look.

Height clearance
The Glacier One is perfect for slim ITX chassis thanks to the low-profile cap design of only 39.5mm.

Ram clearance
The rotary fittings are located close to the pump to ensure the best clearance for the cooler.

Intuitive installation

Several unique design elements make the Glacier One installation process easy and secure:

  • A secure mounting system for both Intel and AMD platforms with 4x thumb screws.
  • The Infinity Mirror Cap mounts securely with strong magnets.
  • Flexible tubing with durable braided sleeving.
  • 3x Tube Clips included to guide the tubing and fan cables.
  • Extra PH-NDC thermal compound included and pre-applied to the copper coldplate.

Product Type AIO Liquid Cooler
Socket Compatibility Intel Socket LGA 115x, 1200, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066, 1700
AMD Socket AM4, sTRX4, TR4 (Threadripper bracket included with CPU)
Packaging Dimensions (L x W x H) 365 x 141 x 223 mm
Net Weight 1.15kg
Package Weight 1.75kg
Warranty 6 Years
Dimensions (L x W x H) 93 x 92 x 41mm
Pump Speed PWM controlled
pump speed 2800RPM +/- 300 with 100% duty cycle
Out-of-bound temperature sensing enables the pump speed to automatically boost up to 3600rpm when the liquid temperature is above 60 OC
Power 12V, 0.3A, 3.6W
Bearing Ceramic bearing and shaft
Material Copper, ABS plastic
Pump PWM Cable Length 245mm
Noise 27 dBA
MTTF 50,000 hours in typical use
Cooling Liquid Distilled Water and Propylene Glyccol Mix
Thermal Paste 4.5 W/m-k Pre-applied Phanteks PH-NDC
Infinity Mirror Cap
Dimension (L x W x H) 5 x 120mm / 4 x 140mm + 1 x 120mm
D-RGB Style Infinity mirror (Tempered Glass window)
D-RGB Type 3-PIN Digital-RGB LED strip (5V, data, Ground)
LED Quantity 14 LED chips
Power 5V, 0.42A, 2.1W
D-RGB 3-Pin cable length 550mm + 75mm, daisy chain connector
Material Tempered Glass, ABS
Fan Dimension (W x H x D) 120 mm x 120 mm x 25 mm / 4.72 in x 4.72 in x 0.98 in
Bearing Type UFB (Updraft Floating Balance) Bearing
Blade Geometry Seven Blades Design
Rated Voltage DC 12V
Input Current 0.15A
Input Power 1.8W
Speed 500 - 2200 ± 10% RPM
Max. Airflow 13.8 – 60.51 CFM
max. Air Pressure 0.17 – 3.41 mm- H?O
Noise Level 18 - 34.2 dB(A)
Fan Connector 4 Pin
Cable Length 130mm Daisy-Chain + 500mm extension cable
MTBF 150.000 / hrs
Halos Fan Frame
Dimension (W x H x D) 120 mm x 120 mm x 7 mm / 4.72 in x 4.72 in x 0.28 in
Connector 3 Pin D-RGB LED strip (5V, Data, Ground)
Cable Length 550 mm + 75 mm Daisy-Chain
LED Quantity 30 LED Chips per HALOS fan frame
Dimension (W x H x D) 273 mm x 120 mm x 27 mm / 10.7 in x 4.7 in x 1.1 in
Material Aluminum
FPI 21
Tubing Length 400mm
Tubing Outside Diameter 11mm OD
Material EPDM rubber with black braided sleeves
Tube Clips 3 x
Fittings Rotary type