Ant Esports GW180 Corsa Racing Wheel & Pedal Set



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Brand Ant eSports
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Experience the thrill of high-speed racing like never before with the Ant Esports GW180 Corsa Racing Wheel and Pedal Set. This impressive racing wheel is your ticket to a truly immersive driving experience.Equipped with a D-Pad and eleven customizable buttons, it puts control at your fingertips, allowing you to fine-tune your racing performance. The ergonomically placed pedal shifters provide a realistic feel as you shift through the gears, while the 270-degree lock-to-lock turning capability ensures precise handling.The robust pedals, with one dedicated to braking and the other for acceleration, offer a firm and responsive touch. With compatibility across Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox, the Ant Esports GW180 Corsa Racing Wheel is your key to conquering the virtual racing world on your preferred platform. Get ready to take your racing skills to the next level with this exceptional racing wheel and pedal set.

  • Immersive Racing Experience: The Ant Esports GW180 Corsa Racing Wheel offers an immersive racing experience with its 270-degree lock-to-lock rotation, allowing you to feel the realistic precision of driving. This feature enhances the feel of every turn and twist on the track, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced racers.
  • Ergonomic Design: The racing wheel is designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring a comfortable and natural grip during extended gaming sessions. The two pedal shifters are conveniently located, giving you quick and easy access to gear shifts, further enhancing the realism of your racing experience.
  • Customizable Controls: With a D-Pad and eleven customizable buttons, the Ant Esports GW180 Corsa Racing Wheel gives you the freedom to tailor the controls to your preferences. Whether you prefer to assign specific functions or fine-tune your racing setup, this feature ensures that the wheel adapts to your unique style.
  • Sturdy and Responsive Pedals: The set includes two pedals, one for braking and the other for acceleration. These pedals are built to be sturdy and responsive, providing precise control over your vehicle's speed and braking. This ensures that you can brake and accelerate with the right amount of force for optimal performance on the track.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: The Ant Esports GW180 Corsa Racing Wheel is compatible with a variety of platforms, including Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox. This versatility means you can enjoy the thrill of racing games on your preferred gaming platform, making it a versatile addition to your gaming setup.