Mad Catz THE AUTHENTIC R.A.T. PRO X3 Fully Customizable Optical Gaming Mouse

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Brand Mad Catz
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  • EXOFRAME structure with highly customized key parts
  • 16000 DPI
  • Onboard memory for 10 Profiles


The R.A.T.PRO X3 is designed to provide the highest levels of customization, with the mouse adjusting to the gamer instead of the gamer adjusting to the mouse. True to the legacy of the R.A.T., key components are interchangeable and adjustable, creating the perfect weapon for the professional gamer. Complete with a choice of palm rests, scroll wheels, pinkie rests and thumb rests, gamers are empowered to create their ideal gaming mouse, personal to them, and built to win, providing an exhaustive 108 different combinations of physical configuration. No need to buy a gaming mouse made for everyone, build the gaming mouse made just for you

  • Palm Rest
  • The R.A.T.PRO X3 comes with three different palm rests catering to all hand sizes and shapes. Pick the one right for you and enjoy custom comfort you never thought possible.
  • Scroll Wheel
  • Customizable scroll wheel allow you to tweak resistance and tactile feel depending on the game you play.
  • Pinkie Rest
  • Two choices of size and material for a pampered pinkie
  • Thumb Rest
  • Two sets of thumb rests are included, designed to offer support and reduce fatigue. 
  • Glide Feet
  • Choose between Ceramic or Teflon feet to glide fast or offer a little resistance. Create the perfect feel to match your gaming surface.


The Mad Catz revolutionary scroll wheel system, uses optical technology and analog axis capability, re-inventing the scroll wheel functionality. 

The R.A.T.PRO X3 gives you the ability to precisely calibrate tension and speed, and swap the actual wheel itself, with a choice of materials providing a distinctly unique feel. Use in conjunction with the Mad Catz programmable software and use the scroll wheel to effortlessly drive your car, fly your plane, reload your weapon, and much, much more!


Armed with the top-of-the-range Pixart PMW 3389 optical sensor, the R.A.T.PRO X3 is equipped with 16000 DPI, capable of keeping up with extreme movement speeds of up to 400 inches per second and 50G of acceleration. Switch between four different DPI settings at the touch of a button, crucial for ensuring that your gaming weapon never lets you down in the heat of battle!


The R.A.T. PRO X3 comes fitted with extremely durable switches that provide a life expectancy in excess of 50 million clicks, ensuring that your gaming mouse won't let you down in the heat of the action!


Whether you need speed or precision, the R.A.T.PRO X3 has got you covered. A choice of Ceramic or Teflon feet provide varying levels of resistance, changing the way your mouse handles and the speed in which it reacts. By quickly swapping out the feet of the mouse, gamers can alter the co-efficient of friction and the find the best balance of performance for the gaming surface being used.


With an extraordinary response time of just 0.3 ms, your thoughts are translated into on-screen movement instantly. With speed this fast, gamers can stay one step ahead of their enemies and dominate the action.


R.A.T. customization goes beyond physical adjustment. Regardless of your preferred genre or style of play, every aspect of the sensor, button configuration and lighting can be tweaked to enhance performance.


With the special-designed software you can assign complex macro commands or other shortcuts.


Resolution, lift-off height and USB report rate can also be tweaked to perfection.



Increase or decrease the sensor or speed with a single button press for better aiming accuracy.


Control the lighting effects and speed: breathing, heartbeat, and color cycling


Product Information
Model NameR.A.T. PRO X3
Model NumberMR05DCINBL001-0 / MR05DCAMWH001-0
Sensor System
Sensor NamePixArt PWM3389
Sensor TypeOptical
DPI (Dot Per Inch) Max16000
IPS (Inch per Second)400
Polling Rate3000 Hz / 0.3 ms
ShapeErgonomic, Right-Handed
Grip StyleUniversal
Number of Buttons10
SwitchOmron, 50M
AdjustabilityPalm Rest, Scroll Wheel, Pinkie Rest, Thumb Rest, Glide Feet
Illumination16.8 million RGB color
Length (mm)115
Width (mm)87
Height (mm)38
Weight (g)105
Cable TypeBraided Fiber
Cable Length1.8M
Additional AccessoriesPalm Rest x 2
Scroll Wheel x 2
Pinkie Rest x 2
Thumb Rest x 1
Glide Feet x 1 pair
Travel Case
System RequirementsWindows® 7, 8, 10